Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uni=hell or heaven?

actually i wanted to update my blog every time i log in.but just dun know why i'm so lazy to move even my finger tips.lol.just like a heavy stone holding me down..there are a lot of things i wanna talk about especially uni just reopen!

Well,came back to kampar since few days ago.i've shifted to single room..=p i have been sharing room with my ex-housemate,su shiien for the past few months.n i was getting crazy n crazy over de days.haha.but this is not the reason i want to shift room.may be i dun used to share room with others as i have bad sleeping quality.(always get insomnia,hard to fall asleep.can only fall asleep after one or two hours i guess.n i very easily to get awake by a little sounds or light) so,i think single room is better for me in order to upgrade my sleeping quality.lol.Yet,i get sick terribly for the first day after i shifted room.og gosh.till now i still haven't fully recover.(my complaint:feng sui not good may be)haha.

the first day i went to uni.it seems very unfamiliar for me already after my holidays..i only had half an hours practical for metabolic chemistry.The lecturer was just briefing the outlines for the following practicals.n other practicals for cell biology n A&P are being canceled.(without giving notice earlier!grr..waited like an idiot outside de lab)

The funny n yet boring day was yday.i had PR lecture.i have chosen PR instead of political science as when i heard of de word 'political',i already very terrified.lol.I thought PR will be more interesting than PS.erm,this is how it goes.i went uni at 8.30am but the class only started at 10(see,so bersemangat,hoping it'll bring me fun) n i entered class earlier.surprisingly i saw an old lady which is about 50+ standing in front of the lecture hall,which is never expected.gosh.she was wearing an aunty style of purple singlet n a skirt which covers her knee but hanging half way.lol.the most disgusting part was her braces dropped till her shoulder there.i wanted to tell her so much as it's so unpleasant to look at it for de whole lecture.During de class,she was like a grandmother nursing de grandsons or granddaughters.N for the two hours lecture,she only mumbled bout de definition of PR!AFter de class,the definitions were still buzzing in my ears for a long time!gosh..how can i survive for the following 13 weeks more??someone can please help me??
Oh, n not forgetten that she taught us 2 achronyms!
the first one is T.E.A.M= Together everyone achieves more
the second one,which u have never learnt:ASSUME=ASS.U.ME
she told us not to assume!means not to make an ass btw u n me.lol.*fainted after listening to it.haha.

Well..to be continued..it's time to have my lunch^^


MEI THENG said...

lol! aunty style??? evil!!
i like vintage clothings you know. next time i'll see my name in your blog post associated with "aunty"-taste"!

sweeyee said...

haha..rupa rupa u already transformed to aunty so FAST..hahahaha..

Lawrence said...

the assume acronym is funny.. haha.. anyway, u so geng.. sure can survive for another 13 weeks wan la.. nt like me.. 7 subjects for finals.. :(