Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uni=hell or heaven?

actually i wanted to update my blog every time i log in.but just dun know why i'm so lazy to move even my finger tips.lol.just like a heavy stone holding me down..there are a lot of things i wanna talk about especially uni just reopen!

Well,came back to kampar since few days ago.i've shifted to single room..=p i have been sharing room with my ex-housemate,su shiien for the past few months.n i was getting crazy n crazy over de days.haha.but this is not the reason i want to shift room.may be i dun used to share room with others as i have bad sleeping quality.(always get insomnia,hard to fall asleep.can only fall asleep after one or two hours i guess.n i very easily to get awake by a little sounds or light) so,i think single room is better for me in order to upgrade my sleeping quality.lol.Yet,i get sick terribly for the first day after i shifted room.og gosh.till now i still haven't fully recover.(my complaint:feng sui not good may be)haha.

the first day i went to uni.it seems very unfamiliar for me already after my holidays..i only had half an hours practical for metabolic chemistry.The lecturer was just briefing the outlines for the following practicals.n other practicals for cell biology n A&P are being canceled.(without giving notice earlier!grr..waited like an idiot outside de lab)

The funny n yet boring day was yday.i had PR lecture.i have chosen PR instead of political science as when i heard of de word 'political',i already very terrified.lol.I thought PR will be more interesting than PS.erm,this is how it goes.i went uni at 8.30am but the class only started at 10(see,so bersemangat,hoping it'll bring me fun) n i entered class earlier.surprisingly i saw an old lady which is about 50+ standing in front of the lecture hall,which is never expected.gosh.she was wearing an aunty style of purple singlet n a skirt which covers her knee but hanging half way.lol.the most disgusting part was her braces dropped till her shoulder there.i wanted to tell her so much as it's so unpleasant to look at it for de whole lecture.During de class,she was like a grandmother nursing de grandsons or granddaughters.N for the two hours lecture,she only mumbled bout de definition of PR!AFter de class,the definitions were still buzzing in my ears for a long time!gosh..how can i survive for the following 13 weeks more??someone can please help me??
Oh, n not forgetten that she taught us 2 achronyms!
the first one is T.E.A.M= Together everyone achieves more
the second one,which u have never learnt:ASSUME=ASS.U.ME
she told us not to assume!means not to make an ass btw u n me.lol.*fainted after listening to it.haha.

Well..to be continued..it's time to have my lunch^^

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year new beginning??

Yea..it’s 2010 now!not even our country,whole earth will be ended in 2 years time that’s 2012? haha. din count down for xmas n new year as my loved one said that count down represents the meaning of the end of your life.so why count down? n fireworks means 一刹那的灿烂..do u agree with this?lolz. as long as we celebrated it together,but at de same place due to some inconveniences.zzz..

When I flipped through the newspaper these days, I feel so sympathy due to the dramatic increase in fatal accidents during the end of 2009 n early of 2010.From the history, the nation always records the highest number of fatalities during the festive seasons. The tragic thing is entire families or generations are lost in a single accident. Drunk driving, negligence or reckless driving n lethargy are all those factors that caused accidents. Why dun we pay concern for it?? Recently the case which the bus driver was not focusing on his long-journey driving due to lethargy really make me furious. The driver is not held the responsibilities in doing his job well. This nightmare ride has taken 10 lives away if I’m not mistaken especially the siblings which about heading back home to celebrate xmas!May the souls rest in peace...

Well, back to the topic. Year of 2010 makes me feel that I’m growing older n older. I locked the door and stock of myself in the mirror. I believe the two decades had treated me kindly. Yet, I have so many dis-satisfactions about myself. For years I had secretly wished that by some magic, I would wake up one day n find the one flawed feature corrected in my otherwise ‘perfect’ face. I know it’ll never happen=( except plastic surgery. lolz
It’s easy to make me laugh. I have heightened sense of humor that my friends call ‘riotous’. Life is too short to take ourselves seriously. While it’s easy to make me laugh, it’s also easy to make me cry. This is the part I hate myself the most- my easy empathy with those who seek my shoulders to cry on. Since new year new beginning, I have battled in vain to become a ‘colder’ person. There have been times when I looked in the mirror and seen only ugliness, imperfections and guilt! Yet, I like being me!
*have to readjust myself to live independently. The funny thing is, living independently teaches me to be even more dependent on a super dependable person. You and I know who I am talking about. :)

gotta do some reflection for last year.it's time do evaluate my resolution for this year!=) I know I'm not a big fan of resolutions. But I think, I would do a short list to sort of give my life a little path. (and yes, I have been walking aimlessly for the past 20 years of my life, gosh)

p/s: i really miss my old friends a lot.keep in touch yay.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


again,nearly half year left my blog due to-----laziness!lol.
here to summarize my 'half-year' life..

after stop working at LLTC,i get offer from upu which made me soooooo disappointed.Upu offers me 'Math with computer application' which i really hate bout it=( sucks.
first,i hate math since form 4 n i stop doin math homework as well.
second,i'm bad in computer(can be considered as an IDIOT!) well,improved a lot after enrolled in Uni now.
Some more Sabah that far,i'll get homesick n i'll be missing my dear a lot=)
so only 'NO WAY' i can tell.haha.

n now,where am i??-----UTAR=(
the life here doesn't suit me.not challenging at all.i have no motivation to study,no spirit n no chemical reaction!argh.
Utar's slogan--Utar is my choice.
but for me 'Utar is my ONLY choice!haha.
well,everything is too late to regret.so gotta move on.gambeteh neh!

having finals in one week time.still so moody to study.n goin kl shopping next week!weeeee*.*
will study when IN MOOD.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~Life in LLTC

wow..it has been months since i updated my blog..there's not much changes in these two months.erm the biggest change is i'm not single anymore.haha.two lonely birds(me n mt) finally indulged in a relationship d.recall back the times when we met up,the only topic btw us was---guys!haha.biasalah..girls ma..

well..gonna stop working soon.miss school life so much n i cant wait to step into uni or college.currently still waiting for public uni entrance,hope can get my favourite course--law.actually i'm not sure if i'm really interested in it.am i?friends all told me it's wasted if i dump science subject n take up law.it might be tough for me but who cares?i think the most important thing is i really interested in it if not i cant really focus in it even upu offers me medic(ppl always think that who take up this course is all smart students)sucks la.

15 june--will be my last day step into LLTC.i'm sure i'm gonna miss all my colleagues.everyday i'm surrounded with happiness(when laugh n jokes with colleagues) n of cos i feel so tension when the tasks accumulated till i hardly breath.well,LLTC is somewhere i learnt
-how to do audit works
-print report(already expert in this^.^)
-how to mix around with ppl n communicate with colleagues,subordinates,boss n of cos client!
-suppress our emotion when u at work(cant let our emotion affects our mood--subsequently jobs
not done well..=p
-'steal bone' when boss is not arround.yeeepi^.^
-sms without being recorded under the CCTV.haha.
-reclassify all the files n documents
-call client(sometimes get scolded when clients in bad mood..=p.geramnya..)
-extend break time(when go out do audit,haha..sshh..)
-force ppl to say 'good morning' to me.haha.
-make my colleagues go crazy!hahaha..i like it!=pp

to be continue....

as i'm so sleepy right now.brain get stuck.haha.better go sleep.yday night get gastric n i couldnt sleep well(only fell asleep at around 1.30am n awoke few times in the midnight!sob)hope can sleep well tonight.good night ya everybody..

Friday, April 10, 2009



Sunday, March 1, 2009

prom night~

kinda busy these few days so din update my blog.was having a heavey dinner on 27th--->sunway prom night.The day before the prom night,went out with mei theng to hunt for heels!very fast she get one.then two of us had drinks at kopitiam n chit-chatted bout our recent life.After that,as we shopping,we passed through a 'love test' machine.mt tried before so she asked me to try as well.so ,i tried n it showed---dead fish!wat the heck is this..means my current condition like dead fish?really disappointed.hahaha..

the day finally arrived--prom night.rushed home after finish working.not enough time to prepare n we were late for an hour.hahaha..after reached there,i told mt that i wished i can go home immediately as i dun even know anyone of them except jerry,elaine, n abel.lolx.n there are so many pretty girls.really felt that myself was a stupid being there.no NEXT TIME.hahaha.here are some pics.

taking pics when ppl perfoming..hahaha..no respect~

after the dinner we got our second round!----->krave.but due to some reasons,at last me n my fren end up at frens cafe.sob.

the environment was in a cosy ambience.i've ordered a glass of deep blue sea n my fren ordered tequila with orange flavour.the deep blue sea was vodka flavour.drank till half way,both of us were feeling dizzy n started getting high.hahaha..we were wondering whether we able to get home anot as we were so dizzy.two of us not even able to stand properly .haha.first time feel so high..i think there will be more fun if can go clubbing next time!haha..really can't wait for it..
was drinking my deep blue sea..taste good~haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


yesteday was out for the whole day.went jusco to celebrate my friend's birhtday.she treated me a meal at secret recipe.hehe.really thanks ya n happy buffday to u(zheng ning)..then continue with my entertaiment on that day--karaoke.haha.so my next destination was ebox.met chuk kuan n her fren.lol.3 of us were shouted so crazily..sang FIR's songs non stop till sore throat.haha.but really enjoyed it very much.after that rushed home as i've to attend a dinner at sin lai hou fuk hotel.forgot 6pm is the busy hour,jammed so terribly.so late d:( SS network was helding function yday.n congrates to my bro as he has bcm gold master.hey bro,really hope that u can attain your success in few years time.i'll always give u my full supports!hehe.
well,today went parade with jen n anna.thought of goin coral to kenakan kar ming one but he was busy working.no time to bother us also.n where's the 10% discount??haha.stupid kar ming!next time take leave la n go out with us.i've waited till my neck grow few inch long d.lolx.
ok la,even though the night still young but gotta sleep(panda eyes getting more n more serious)haha.n now gotta drink my 'yin wo' first.hehe...winks~
good night everybody!sweet dreams too~